About Greenlight

Got an idea for a new movie or series?

Got a smartphone?

You’ve got a Greenlight!

Orson Welles would have loved shooting on an iPhone.  This will change the history of cinema.”

– Claude Lalouche

Today’s technology has put an amazing storytelling tool right in most people’s pocket. Smartphones have leveled the playing field for filmmakers because expensive equipment is no longer needed to make movies and shows, giving access to millions more people than ever before.

Yet there is no place to discover or highlight these new stories to be told. 

Until now.

Introducing Greenlight

Greenlight showcases films and series made on smart phones.

We believe that there are more creative stories than the remakes, reboots, and formula endings we see far too often. 

We want to empower everyone’s imagination. Smartphones have made it incredibly easy and accessible for anyone to start making movies and series. 

Social Media has given platforms to many types and styles of expression, but none are focused exclusively on video stories. We drown out the noise of other platforms and focus on the stories you want to tell.

“I wish I’d had this equipment when I was 15. The gap now between the idea and the execution of the idea is just shrinking and this means you get to try out more ideas.”

– Steven Soderbergh

Filmmaking is Going Mobile

Greenlight is inspired and motivated not only by the creativity that is unleashed in the people already using this emerging filmmaking tool, but also by the accessibility for so many people that may not even consider themselves a filmmaker today. We want to empower everyone’s creative side.

We believe that by creating a space dedicated to mobile films and series, that is open to anyone from anywhere, we unlock the creative potential in millions of people globally.

The doors of filmmaking are now open to anyone that has a story to tell.

“There is no excuse for you not to be making movies on the weekends with your friends.”

– Mark Duplass

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